MTB Tubeless tire sealant 150 ml TYRE YOGURT

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MTB Tubeless tire sealant 150 ml TYRE YOGURT

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  • Marque: Tyre Yogurt
  • Référence: TY-150
  • Description:
    • There are millions of fibres and fillers in Tyre Yogurt so when a puncture occurs, the air in the tyre forces them into the hole or cut. This forms a flexible plug, that prevents further air loss. As the tyre moves and flexes, more fibres are forced into the hole reinforcing the plug and forming a permanent seal. As the liquid is not part of the sealing process, we do not have to use latex - which can separate & dry out in your tyre.
    • The liquid we use does not dry out, and also holds the fibres and fillers permanently in suspension so they will not separate or clump. 
    • Tyre Yogurt will last for the life span of your tyre!
    • Seal up to 6mm punctures
    • Non-toxic
    • Water washable
    • Use with Tubeless and Tubeless Ready Tyres & Rims
    • You can even use it with inner tubes !​​​
  • ​Comment l'utiliser ? 
    • ​Drop a blob of Tyre Yogurt around the valve seal then dry seat the tyre wthout sealant.
    • Deflate the Tyre, pop the bear & pour 120 ml ) 150 ml of Tyre Yogurt into tyre.
    • Re-seat the tyre & inflate with a track pump or compressor.
    • Spin & bounce the whell a few times.
    • You are now "Flat Free & Full of Fibre", go ride your bike ! 





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