GH-190 derailleur hanger TREK

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  • Brand: Marwi
  • Material: aluminium
  • Manufacturing: cast
  • Marwi catalog number is: GH-190
  • Pilo catalog number is D295
  • Trek catalog number is #304639
  • Compatible with models of TREK brand (not exhaustive)
2014 - 2015 Full Suspension (All) 135x5mm  QR
2013  Fuel EX Carbon / Aluminum 135x5mm  QR
Lush Carbon / Aluminum / 29 135x5mm  QR
Rumblefish / Elite / Pro 135x5mm  QR
Superfly 100 Carbon / Aluminum 135x5mm  QR
​2012  Remedy Carbon/Alu avec axe arrière 135x5mm  QR
Lush Carbon / Aluminum / 29 135x5mm  QR
Superfly 100 Carbon & Aluminum 135x5mm  QR
Fuel EX carbon and aluminum 135x5mm  QR
Rumblefish Elite / pro 142x12 Thru
2011  Fuel EX carbon & aluminum 135x5mm  QR
Rumblefish 1 & 2 135x5mm  QR
Remedy carbon & aluminum 135x5mm  QR
To choose the right hanger, please compare your actual hanger to the picture. If there is any doubt, send us a good quality picture of the actual hanger or/and frame (around the hanger place) at: 

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