RED Flat Base Valves 40mm TY BIKE

RED Flat Base Valves 40mm TY BIKE

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  • Marque: Tyre Yogurt
  • Référence: TY-500
  • Description:
    • New cap stronger than ever !
    • The cap allows you to remove the valve without any tools. 
    • Lenght: 40mm 
    • The “Flat Base” means a firm airtight fit is easily achieved without cranking on the locking nut with a pair of pliers.
    • The internal seal is made of soft malleable rubber & is multi-shaped to fit most MTB rims. 
    • The seal is not fixed to the valve, making valve removal a doddle if you need to fit an emergency tube.  
    • Large locking nut with oversized rubber O-ring secures the valve without damaging the rim.
    • Aluminium valve cap, valve core tool included.  ​​

For best results use Flat Base valves with Tyre Yogurt sealant ! 

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