Bio277 derailleur hanger

Bio277 derailleur hanger

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  • Brand: Bio
  • Material: aluminium 
  • Manufacturing:
    • CNC machined
    • These hanger are much more durable and more esthetic than most of origin hangers
  • Bio catalog number is: Vf277
  • Sold without screws
  • Attaches to frame with M4x8 Flat head screws​
  • Compatible with  models of NORCO brand
Fluid FS MKIII - 2019
Optic Carbon - 2018
Sasquatch FAT - 2016-2017
Sight Alloy - 2017-2018
Sight Carbon - 2017-2018
Torrent Alloy FS - 2017
Torrent HT - 2016-2017

To choose the right hanger, please compare your actual hanger to the picture. If there is any doubt, send us a good quality picture of the actual hanger or/and frame (around the hanger place) at 

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* Prices include VAT, plus delivery

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