46mm Bearing cup spacer for Specialized Carbon frame

46mm Bearing cup spacer for Specialized Carbon frame

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  • Brand: Wheels MFG
  • Part Nr: SP0001
  • Details:
    • When used with a Wheels Manufacturing GXP compatible bottom bracket, adding cup spacers between the non-drive side cup and the frame will move the chainrings on a GXP crank closer to the frame (reducing the chainline).
    • For Specialized road frames with the 61mm wide Carbon OSBB shell, you would place 3.5mm of spacers betwen each cup to effectively widen the BB shell to 68mm when used with non-Specialized cranks. One bag will properly space one 61mm wide Specialized OSBB shell to 68mm.
    • Includes
      • 2 - 2.5mm cup spacers
      • 4 - 1.0mm cup spacers
    • 11g/pr

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