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Bearing Press & Extractors

Bearing Press & Extractors

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UNIOR Bearing press adapter - 1721.1 by unit (14 sizes)

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Marque: Unior Modèle: 1721.1 Vendu à l'unité Sizes: 6900 10x22mm, 6000 10x26mm,  6901 12x24mm, 6001 12x28mm, 6802 15x24mm, 1526 15x26mm,  6902 15x28mm, 6803 17x26mm, 1728 17x28mm, 6903 17x30mm,  6804 20x32mm, 6805 25x37mm, 608 8x22mm, R6 9.5 x 22.2mm (3/8\" x 7/8\")

WHEELS MFG professional bearing press

Price €79.17

Brand: Wheels MFG Model: Press-1-HNASSY Machined fixed end aluminum "T" Handle with brass insert. Machined non-fixed end aluminum "T" Handle with brass insert. 3/8" x 12" Threaded Rod M5x12 flat head screw to secure fixed-end handle to rod

WHEELS MFG Thin Flange Bottom Bracket Socket BP0021

Price €190.83

Brand: Wheels MFG Model: BP0021 The BP0021 tool is designed to provide a firm grip on thin flanged bottom brackets. It prevents slippage when tightening the cups in the frames. The sockets have a machined 3/8" drive, which can be used to allow 3/8" drive torque wrenches to be attached and...

WHEELS MFG universal bottom bracket press PRESS-7

Price €70.00

Brand: Wheels MFG Model: Press-7 Works with BB shells up to 132mm wide Our do-it-all Universal Bottom Bracket Press. Economical and easy to use, this tool is made up of two machined aluminum 155mm handles, 1/2" threaded rod and two machined aluminum drifts.

WHEELS MFG Headset Press Pro Install Kit

Price €155.83

Brand: Wheels MFG Model: BP0008 The kit includes a machined aluminum handle, 1/2" threaded rod, two machined aluminum drifts and the Adjustable Press Stop allowing for easy drift placement. One drift is machined with multiple steps to fit common head tube inner diameters, the other drift has two...

WHEELS MFG Open bore adapter for 608 bearings

Price €6.25

Brand: Wheels MFG Open Bore adapters, also referred to as drifts, are used to press sealed bearings in to hub bodies, suspension linkages, bottom brackets and frames CNC Machined, anodized gray aluminum Sold individually (2 drifts required for some installations)​ Not compatible with Wheels MFG...