Is your hanger broken or bent ? You have trouble identifying the right reference ? Here are the steps to follow in order to be sure not to choose the right model.

Replacing a derailleur hanger is not a complex operation, but it must be done perfectly in order to obtain optimal derailleur performance. Here are the steps to follow. 

This is an important step that can cause damage to your bike if the wrong reference is chosen. 

There are many different standards and qualities of bearings. Each bearing has its own application, here is a list of tips to help you make your choice.  

Choose the right BB can be challenging. Here's how to proceed within a few simple steps. 

All the installation and technical help you need to mount your bottom brackets.

You will find tutorial videos to learn how to bleed your brakes step by step. 

You will find the procedure to follow to help you identify your headset with the SHIS code.