IPONE Full Protect 250Ml multi-purpose lubricant

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6-function super-powered lubricant:

  1. Frees jammed mechanisms and ensures perfect operation of unblocked parts.
  2. Cleans oil, grease, glue and other deposits without leaving residues.
  3. Lubricates and ensures smooth operation of moving parts
  4. Deposits a protective film on metal parts to prevent rust, corrosion and oxidation.
  5. Repels moisture, even under extreme conditions 
  6. Prevents short-circuits and restores electrical contacts.

Multi-position nozzle allows for broad spraying or precise application.

Its handy stem makes it easy to reach and treat even the most inaccessible areas.

Attached to the spray, it folds and unfolds in a single movement. No more lost stems in the workshop after 2 uses!

IPN ENT 800663
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